Dog Knockers

Unique dog knockers by Michael Healy - cast in bronze and available in 16 dog breeds plus a kitty cat. Our unique dog knockers by Michael Healy are great dog lover gifts for the home - a perfect way to welcome the visitor to your home and show your love for your favorite dog breed at the same time! Select from 16 different dog breeds - and 1 cat breed.

Our Dog Knockers are cast in solid bronze using the age-old art of foundry casting. During this process, molten bronze is heated to over 2200F and then carefully poured into a handmade sand mold. This mold is used only once, giving your Dog Knocker its individual character. Your Dog Knocker is treated with a dark patina, then hand polished and coated with a clear lacquer to protect its original finish.

Dog Breed Door Knockers make the perfect gift for the home or business for the dog lover in your life! They can be used on both exterior and interior doors in your home or business.