About Us

Mailboxes are traditionally the introduction to your home and life style ~ professionally or personally. The mailbox provides great entry decor to your home or office. Today mailboxes are seen as an extension of the home, landscaping or owner's personality - the choices are endless. The mailbox is normally the first thing that is seen when approaching either a home or a business. Too many times the mailbox is nothing more than a rusted box that is ignored and neglected. Mailbox Collections allows you to display your unique personality, profession, or love of a hobby or sport when friends or family approach your home. Mailbox Collections also allows customers the opportunity to identify your business quickly with mailboxes that highlight your business specialty.

Custom mailboxes by Mailbox Collections have many uses-the traditional mailbox, or as a collectible, as well. They make perfect housewarming gifts and birthday presents. Teachers can also use these as a unique mailbox within their classroom for students to place their completed assignments.